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Date: Tue Aug 31 22:04:00 2004

Most Sudbury schools I've been to require regular attendance. Though it
is common for them to set minimum attendance requirements that are no
higher than those established by state law(s), I believe a Sudbury school,
and it's respective organs, (assembly, school meeting, attendance clerk,
admissions and judicial committees, etc.) are within their rights to
expect most of its students to attend more than the minimums set forth by
the state, and to require such attendance when they see fit.

The Cedarwood Sudbury School, which seems to have a strong libertarian
streak, has heard some very passionate arguments for why any attendance
requirements over and above the legal minimums were counter to the school

I'd suggest you contact them directly if you want to hear more details.

The Upattinas School and Community Resource Center, in PA is not a Sudbury
School, though I would say it is more than somewhat philosophically
aligned. Upattinas has full and part-time placement options for all of
it's school-age students.
These have differing requirements, of course, but they are still
requirements, to the best of my knowledge. Upattinas also has an option
to enroll as a full-time homeschooler. These students are expected to get
their learning at home, and do not attend the school, though they do
report to school occasionally for what seems to be homeschool advising,
and curriculum consulting, of sorts.

-Reb Murphy
founders group
Philadelphia Free School
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