Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] School where attendence is free to choose - day by day?

From: David Rovner <>
Date: Tue Aug 31 08:10:00 2004

Hi Marc,

Actually in a sudbury model school you are free to choose to go to school or not.

Let us see, for instance:

If you don't feel well -- you can stay at home.
If you feel you can learn more by taking courses at the university -- you can do that and not go to school.
If you are Gal Friedman, one of the first graduates of a democratic school in Israel who won the first Olympic gold medal in Israel's history for windsurfing, he used to skipp school and went windsurfing, with his parents' and the school's consent , so he didn't go to school.
If you are "Luke", who became Sudbury Valley's first official outside apprentice, you went to work for the hospital pathologist, so actually, you didn't go to school (see: "Free at Last").
If you are "Saul", today an art photographer, you worked as an apprentice for a commercial photographer when you reached age sixteen, so from age sixteen, on and off, you didn't go to school (see also: "Free at Last").

And so forth . . .

So, what is the meaning, after all, of "to go or not to go to school" ?

I suggest you to look at, "Back to Basics -- Why go to school ?," by Dan, The Sudbury Valley School Experience, .

~ David

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  Hi there,

  Somebody on this list knows if there exists a sudbury school where attendence to go the school is free? I mean, where you are free to choose, day by day whether you go or not?

  Warm Regards,
  Marc De Mesel
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