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<< Hi Everyone,
 My name is Ann, I have four young children and we unschool in Indiana. I
would be very interested in any resources that talk of how parents/adults can
help children learn how to come to solutions to their problems on their own.
have been trying to implement Family Effectiveness Training skills (Thomas
Gordon, active listening, I messages, no-lose soultions) into to our
lifestyle the
past few months and am having lots of frustration on everyone's part when it
comes to the kids solving their own problems. I would greatly appreciate any
recommendations by anyone. I also wanted to ask if there is anyone on this
who lives in central Indiana who has entertained the idea of starting a free
school. THank you for your time.

Ann McDavitt >>

There's a pretty good school in Bloomington called Harmony. Are you thinking
of the Indianapolis area?

Jerry Mintz
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