Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How do you apply Sudbury model to early childhood education?

From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Sat Aug 28 12:47:00 2004

      Hi Allison,

      Baby girl is very luck mom has her eyes open and heart on fire. It was that very thought of wanting my child to have a positive education that caused me to step off the traditional education bandwagon 26 years ago. Keep on watching what your child "tells" you with her behavior and choices. I also learned a lot in a sort of convuluted way by listening to other parents and their frustration with the traditional school systems. There seemed always to be a battle trying to get things into a better place for their children. I quickly realized that my children were learning every single day if I didn't get in the way. Jonathan Kozol's book "Death an An Early Age" caused me to realize that deep inside I had been in an intellectual ghetto every year I spent in traditional schools. Welcome to a world where many of us find the inner student's insatiable appetite for life absolutely sacred. I can't tell you how many people have commented about the kind of human beings we have raised. The joy is beyond measure.


      Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How do you apply Sudbury model to early childhood education?

      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Allison Tiffany-Goldstein, and I'm new to your discussion list. I discovered Sudbury while researching alternative education on the Internet. I have a six month old baby girl, and I would like to know how I can apply the Sudbury model to early childhood education. Can it be used in educating your infant?

      My background is as follows.

       Born and raised in New Jersey.

       Mother was a public school teacher.

       Attended public schools as a child. Graduated from high school in 1983.

       B.S. in Secondary Education from public university.

       J.D. from private college.

       Enjoyed school and learning until 7th grade. Disliked school and learning from 7th grade until senior year in college. Fell in love with school and learning my senior year in college. Loved "learning" in law school but strongly disliked the "boot camp" atmosphere of the law school "system."

       I'm a stay home mom and live in Phoenix.

      I realized late in life that learning IS fun! There's just a lot of teachers and school systems that make it awful. I want my daughter to have a positive experience. Any advice?

      Thank you in advance.


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