RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How do you apply Sudbury model to early childhood education?

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From Sudbury Valley's web site and list of books available for purchase is the following:
On a more personal note...
One person's view of parenting and child development, in a context harmonious with the principles of the Sudbury model.
 Child Rearing Daniel Greenberg. Illustrated by Raphael Bouganim. #121, 1987, 177 pp., $10
Sample Chapter: Ages Four and Up.
See the cover.
From my perspective, this is the best treatment that ties infancy and early childhood development into the SVS philosophy.

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Thanks, David! Do you know if there’s any information that begins with infancy?
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Dear Allison,
You might start with something available in the web, Ages Four and Up, from Child Rearing ( By Daniel Greenberg, .
~ David
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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] How do you apply Sudbury model to early childhood education?
Hi Everyone!
My name is Allison Tiffany-Goldstein, and I’m new to your discussion list. I discovered Sudbury while researching alternative education on the Internet. I have a six month old baby girl, and I would like to know how I can apply the Sudbury model to early childhood education. Can it be used in educating your infant?
My background is as follows…
· Born and raised in New Jersey.
· Mother was a public school teacher.
· Attended public schools as a child. Graduated from high school in 1983.
· B.S. in Secondary Education from public university.
· J.D. from private college.
· Enjoyed school and learning until 7th grade. Disliked school and learning from 7th grade until senior year in college. Fell in love with school and learning my senior year in college. Loved “learning” in law school but strongly disliked the “boot camp” atmosphere of the law school “system.”
· I’m a stay home mom and live in Phoenix.
I realized late in life that learning IS fun! There’s just a lot of teachers and school systems that make it awful. I want my daughter to have a positive experience. Any advice?
Thank you in advance…
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