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Hi William,

   What I need is co-founders for a Humboldt Sudbury School.
It is beautiful and isolated here with the ocean, rivers and vast forests.
I live in Arcata, a small liberal college town of 16 thousand next to more
blue collar Eureka of 27 thousand. The economy suffers from a depleted
fishery and lumber industry. There is little knowledge here about SVS
and I have only been passing out literature so far here and there. So it
is the beginning of a long and fun effort. I'm sure
you know there are 5 West Coast Sudbury schools. I am quasi-retired
from caregiving and likewise frustrations with the public school system.
I don't have the motivation of a parent whose child will be sent to an
authoritarian school but I want to live here in this community and believe
the Sudbury model.
   I am kind of an orthodox adherent of the Sudbury model. I mean, for
example, no mandatory curriculum, and students and staff voting on staff.
And one weekly voluntary School Meeting (SM). SVS has a student body
of over 200 and it is run by one weekly SM. More than one SM a week
and there are dangers like boredom and adults making speeches. Like
the US Constitution, I feel the Sudbury model should be changed only
under demanding circumstances and that from the model come the results.
It is not perfect but it is time-tested and the best alternative for me now.
   And regardless of the school outcome, I can also work on a Sudbury
nursing home in time for me. Substitute patient for student. I believe this
is the next evolution in our democracy.

In freedom and democracy,
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Tell me more. Though I currently live in Arkansas, I loved Humboldt,
(visited 2 years ago) and would seriously like to move back to the west
coast. (previously lived in Sonoma County) I am an art teacher in a public
middle school and the system is very frustrating. Ket me know what you


William Van Horn
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