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From: David Rovner <rovners_at_netvision.net.il>
Date: Wed Aug 18 21:30:01 2004

While the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) provides school districts with increased flexibility in spending some of their federal subsidies, mandated testing and staff restructuring represent an unprecedented usurpation of the authority of local communities to run their own schools.

". . . There is a growing awareness that parents, not distant government bureaucrats, should have more power over their children’s education . . ."

". . . The inevitable pattern of bureaucracy is to grow bigger and bigger . . ."

". . . The Department of Education is an expensive failure that has added paperwork and bureaucracy but little value to the nation’s classrooms . . ."

" . . . The Education Department operates from the deeply erroneous belief that American parents, teachers, communities and states are too stupid to raise their own children, run their own schools and make their own decisions.’’

". . . Since Congress has no authority under the Constitution to collect taxes for, fund, or regulate schools, it should not tax Americans to fund a huge federal education bureaucracy that exercises dictatorial control over curriculum, standards, and policy. The only actions that should be taken at the federal level are those that deregulate education . . ."

". . . The way for Congress to improve American education is to step aside and let the states experiment with choice in a variety of ways. Some will expand charter schools or experiment with private management. Others will institute scholarship tax credits, parental tax credits, or vouchers either on a limited basis or open to all students. The most successful policies and programs will be emulated by other states . . ."

"Nine Reasons to Abolish the Department of Education"

". . . No matter how brilliantly designed a federal government program may be, it creates a uniformity among states that is harmful to creativity and improvement . . ."


~ David Rovner
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