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> Dear David,
> I liked the article! It is heavily ironic that even before my
> teacher training in science, in fact when I was 15, I read Stephen
> Jay Gould's first book 'Ever Since Darwin'and realised science was
> somewhat different to what I was learning at school. Yet at
> Summerhill I taught the exam curriculum. Part of my plan was to look
> at how teaching science can explore its nature, but with some 35-40
> lessons a week at least during my first three years of teaching at
> Summerhill I never got round to it.
> Luckily, with the job I do with the London development education
> centre I am now paid one day a week to research and create materials
> looking at science from a global citizenship angle!
> My belief is that trained scientists,like myself, should not really
> be teaching school science, this should be taught by the historians,
> philosophers and sociologists of science! The last thing scientists
> ever learn is the nature of what they do!
> I would love to see how science is 'taught' in other free schools
> and if possible look at methods and materials that explore and
> actively question its nature. Is there a group of teachers out there
> looking at sharing what they do in free schools?
> I know that Neill, in his writings, wanted children to learn through
> their own discovery and not through an imposed science curriculum.
> Though I do not know how consistent he was with that. And indeed by
> self-exploration I doubt whether you can learn about the nature and
> problems with the question of what science is.
> Best wishes a still awake, but heavy eyelidded and coffee stewed
> Michael
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