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From: Iederwijs Soest <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 16:57:00 2004

Hi Marc, and Bernard,

Let me explain a little further. Sudbury Valley was known by the founders of
the first Iederwijs in the Netherlands. They had been meeting already for
some years and discussed how their ideal school should look like, and then
they came across the book 'free at last'. It was then that they realised
that these stories had so much in common with their own ideas that it became
a major source of inspiration.

Yes we do use the Sociocratic Descision making model. Our goal is to base a
school close to Dutch habits and principles, as Sudbury Valley did in
Massechussets. In the Netherlands, politics are called Democratic, but in
practise it is more a model of looking for the best possible option (the
famous Poldermodel). In our view, with the sociocratic descision making
model, we try to create an optimal environment of equivalence in the school,
as Sudbury does with Democracy. Decisions are based on the principle of
'Consent', which means that there is no argued and paramount objections
against the proposal. Please look at our website for some more details. The
schoolmeeting is held every week, like all sudbury schools, and they decide
about all school running activities and funds, staff etc.

There are Iederwijs schools that don't have a JC, as most of the schools are
still very small. In Soest we have a JC up and running. It runs exactly the
same as Sudbury Schools, with written complaints etc. I know that we are one
of the schools that is looking very carefully how Sudbury Valley organises
things. We have also noticed in the past 1,5 year that we had to bump into
certain problems (or better challenges) in order to see the mere benefit of
why Sudbury is organised the way it is. It is an organic process, and we
believe that the best way is not to copy directly from sudbury at once, but
change things out of our own and the schools experience. From that moment on
students and staff accept the changes and understand the reasons why it has
to be that way.

Iederwijs schools have all different student rates, and this all depend on
the personal expenditure (building, sponsors etc.). In Soest we ask 208
Euro's per month per student, and from the third child in a family on we ask


Christel A. Hartkamp
Iederwijs Soest "de Ruimte"
Insingerstraat 39-53
3766 MA Soest
The Netherlands

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[]Namens Marc De Mesel
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Onderwerp: [Discuss-sudbury-model] sudbury versus Iederwijs

Hi Bernard,

Iederwijs started in the Netherlands without knowing of the sudbury schools.
After discovering it they noticed some minor differences, not in the
philosophy but in practice, for which they probably chose to keep the name
and build it out. (which they did and do extremely well, as you know).

Differences are:
- Sociocracy versus democracy, In consent or by majority
- Judicial system, it seems to be not that present, they solve problems
using more the dialog in the meetings.
- it's cheaper ;-) 300?uro per month for 1st child (10 or 12 months a
year?), sudbury is 5000 dollar a year.

I'm not sure whether all this information is accurate. I hope
Christel can talk a bit more about this.


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