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Date: Tue Jul 27 11:32:01 2004

Hi Everyone,
I heard a statistic that 95% of people end up getting married at some point
in their lives. I've heard the divorce rate is somewhere around 60%. Since two
income households bring in more income then one, it would seem that if schools
are supposed to teach us skills that will make us more "successful" that
having good relationships would be something they would include. I don't think
they should teach us that but it shows how narrowly success is defined.
One day maybe they'll understand, that school separates from the learning
that takes place in real which doesn't go in a straight line which is supposed to
have ups and downs.
Yesterday, I thought about something I hadn't thought about in years. I have
a brother who is younger then me close to me in age. His friends and I used to
wrestle a lot. Maybe, because of them being younger dating was somehow taboo
but wrestling was not.
In 1976 I was 18 and traveling with a girlfriend of mine. We stopped in a gas
station and I went to use the bathroom. One of the attendants walked in. For
a split second I think its an accident but I say something and he just stands
there. I realize he has come in on purpose and I get what his intention is. I
found myself sizing him up. I thought "I can take him" Then I stood up and
yelled at him to get out and he left.
No amount of algebra would have served me there the way those years of
wrestling my brothers friends did.
Diablo Valley School Parent
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