Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Philosophy (was Paradigms)

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 09:44:00 2004

Carol Hughes wrote:

>Hi Harlan,
>Explaining the SVS model to skeptical people should be kept to a minimum for
>your own sanity.
Ah, but if we don't keep explaining it, they will never get it! :-)

Seriously, I find explaining the model to be a very gratifying
experience. I love it when it finally comes together for a skeptic. It
is especially fun explaining it to educators and soon-to-be educators.
I and another staff member at our school (
explained the model to the junior and senior education classes at NYU a
few months ago. They went from open mouthed disbelief to skeptism to
some acknowledgement that maybe, possibly it could actually work.

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