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From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Sun Jul 25 09:38:00 2004


I believe that you have it right, although I also believe that
explaining the philosophy from the angle of freedom may be harder than
necessary. I think it is difficult, not because it is wrong, but
because of the 'baggage' associated with the word 'free'. When most
parents (who are your real audience) hear the word 'freedom' for their
children, the first thing they think about is "Lord of the Flies". By
and large our culture has 'taught' us that children should not be free
until they reach adulthood.

When we (Hudson Valley Sudbury School) do our information meetings, we
start the conversation from the angle of 'responsibility'. We say we
provide a place where the students are responsible for their education,
for their environment, the culture they create and ultimately their
lives - a laboratory where they can practice being responsible.
Responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same coin, it is just
that the 'listening' for the word responsibility is better than it is
for the word 'freedom'.

Good luck!

Jeff wrote:

>Have I got it more or less right? I may have to explain it to some
>skeptical people on August 9th when we have our first public meeting at a local
>bookstore, Nicola's.
>I have never read Erich Fromm's book ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM. Might it be
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