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<< the underlying beliefs of the philosophy. Even freedom is

one of the means to fulfilling what we believe is important for our kids. >>

Since we are getting together a working group to start a SVM school in Ann
Arbor, I have been thinking more and more about philosophy, root philosophy, not
just description of how a SVS day goes.

Adults think freedom is important for fulfilling what they want for
themselves. It's the basis of the country. Why wouldn't it be the same for kids?
 I think it is, since most of them live a "free" life whenever they can.

And how much do most kids "know" when they come out of high school? I
certainly knew very little. I could read and write and I'd been in a few plays.
  That's it. I spent most of my time in high school sneaking time from my
"studies" to do stuff I wanted to, and consequently didn't learn any of my
subjects in depth. I suspect that if I'd been given "freedom" I'd have known
SOMETHING a good deal better than I knew anything.

Second point. Sudbury "freedom" is not anarchy. Its rather a microcosm
of state and national freedom, freedom within the law. Without the aquarium
of the law, the freedom of the fish to swim would evaporate (to almost mix
metaphors). Schools as I have known them filled up the acquarium with so much
stone that there was almost no swimming room. And the stones are all labelled
"Grades" and "Curriculum." Well, a metaphor isn't an argument, but that's the
way I see the "freedom" in a SVM school. The freedom exists in a 50/50
symbiosis with the containing rulebook, and the great thing is that those living
under the laws get to vote on them, construct the size and shape of the walls
of the aquarium.

Have I got it more or less right? I may have to explain it to some
skeptical people on August 9th when we have our first public meeting at a local
bookstore, Nicola's.

I have never read Erich Fromm's book ESCAPE FROM FREEDOM. Might it be

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