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Date: Fri Jul 23 21:06:00 2004

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<< She settled into the chair her eyes intent and picked

up two chess players on the board and moved them any ole place in the blink

of an eye. She was neither self-conscious, nor fearful. The can-do energy

at this table was delicious. >>

Wonderful vignette, Carol. My 2 1/4 year old granddaughter picks up chess
pieces and slams them down like her older brother, wham. Then I move a
piece. Then she moves two or three pieces. And we have great fun, until her mom
either tries to teach her how to do it right, or says she's too young. I
just don't know why parents of wonderful kids get so anxious. Why did I for
my son? I'd better reflect on that one.

Harlan Underhill
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