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From: Carol Hughes <hughes0005_at_comcast.net>
Date: Thu Jul 22 20:02:00 2004

Hi Don,

About a week ago at a family learning conference, I saw a moment in time
happen across from me. There was a man there who was teaching chess. He
was great fun and challenged the brainiacs there til their head's spun.
Along came a little girl about five who probably never played chess in her
life. This chess man gestured to her to sit down as she watched the three
chess games going on. She settled into the chair her eyes intent and picked
up two chess players on the board and moved them any ole place in the blink
of an eye. She was neither self-conscious, nor fearful. The can-do energy
at this table was delicious. At that moment her Dad came along, put the
pieces back where they belonged and took her by the hand and walked away. I
can only imagine that this Dad's intent was to bring order to this little
girl, to teach her good manners, or whatever. He absolutely did not see the
magic that was there to happen. This was at an event that was allegedly for
folks with alternative views. What more can I say?

What never ceases to amaze me is how infrequently parents begin to make
observations about their child's ability to embrace ideas, situations, and
opportunities. Can anyone tell me why so few parents see what was so
clearly obvious to me in my children at a very young age? I am not a
genious. I am creative and intelligent. The mystery for me is that so many
creative and intelligent people cannot step back for a couple of minutes and
watch their children "happen". It is strange that so few parents cannot see
the center of their own children. Carry on as people might, I have never
heard enough of a reason for this to be so. My own background was as rigid
and horrid as they come. So that ole saw doesn't work.
When a little toddler is hungy, we feed them. The hungry soul is just as

Just my thoughts for the day on this,
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