RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Is there such a thing as a semi-democratic school ?

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sun Jun 20 11:55:01 2004

Thanks for the response and your offer. This is all information I
already knew. I have had a copy of the SVS By-Laws for almost 20 years.
You make a good point that the Assembly IS the school. From a day-to-day
POV, of course, I think a lot of us see the SM as the school. And, as
you note, by amending the By-Laws, the Assembly could decide to hire a
"school director who can hire and fire staff, or make budgetary
decisions (while the 'other decisions' are made by a general meeting)".
And so we are still left with somewhat of a "sliding scale" of
democracy, which is simply a recognition of reality and of our various
interpretations of the term.
~Alan Klein
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Alan, the Assembly is the democratic school. It consists of parents,
students, staff, trustees, and public members. It created teh bylaws
and can amend them. If youwould like a copy of our handbook that
describes this, send me your snail mail address and i'll mail you one.
The schoolmeeting was set up by teh Assembly in teh bylaws, and has
powers given to it under the bylaws (in a nutshell, running the school
with a free hand on a day to day basis, subject to the bylaws).
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