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From: Mike Sadofsky <>
Date: Mon May 17 10:44:00 2004

On Mon, 17 May 2004 08:51:11 -0500, Robin <>

>It surprises me that so little of discussion on this topic, and so
>little information on the subject of free schooling in general, appears
>in public discussion. I have been interested in questions of coercion
>and child development and free schooling for many years (I am a reader,
>writer, teacher, homeschooling mother, etc) and the sudbury valley
>discussion group has provided almost my first exposure to some of these
>ideas -- especially, by the way, the perspectives on video games, which
>were completely new to me! Daniel Greenberg's books are not readily
>available in libraries everywhere, unfortunately, and it seems that most
>people I talk to have never heard of Sudbury Valley or Summerhill.
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You are so correct. With our "grass roots" effort at SVS, we have
been able to do only so much to get out the word about sudbury schools
and the ideas behind them. Every once in a while there is some
success and we see local media exposure in a particular school
community. Occasionally there is even national and international
media coverage. But the fact is that it takes a great deal of
exposure to move such ideas into mainstream discussion.

But you, and others like you can help. If your libraries don't offer
the books from the Sudbury Valley School Press, ask them to acquire
and put these books on the shelf. Maybe even ask them to create a
specific display once the books are available. This doesn't require a
great deal of effort and might add another increment to broader

Just a thought.

Mike Sadofsky
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