[Discuss-sudbury-model] public discussion on free schooling

From: Robin <erjackson_at_bham.rr.com>
Date: Mon May 17 09:54:00 2004

It surprises me that so little of discussion on this topic, and so
little information on the subject of free schooling in general, appears
in public discussion. I have been interested in questions of coercion
and child development and free schooling for many years (I am a reader,
writer, teacher, homeschooling mother, etc) and the sudbury valley
discussion group has provided almost my first exposure to some of these
ideas -- especially, by the way, the perspectives on video games, which
were completely new to me! Daniel Greenberg's books are not readily
available in libraries everywhere, unfortunately, and it seems that most
people I talk to have never heard of Sudbury Valley or Summerhill.
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