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This is a bit of an aside but I heard of a report that found that the skills kids used playing video games are the same one doctors are using now during surgery using "waldoes" or mechanical hands.

William Van Horn

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I'm a little surprised no one has brought this up yet, maybe I missed it and someone has...?<br><br>I think kids primarily want to see &quot;R rated&quot; films because they are forbidden and therefore more interesting. &quot;What is this secret knowledge that seperates me from adults?&quot; the kid asks themselves. As a child, I was allowed to see unrated foreign films (including ones with male nudity, which is so infinitely taboo in America), but not R-rated American movies, which I watched anyways when we visited friends who had cable and my parents weren't paying attention. I was a very squeamish kid who couldnt stand the sight of blood, and so of course the movie I happened to choose at random as my first R rated movie was about vampires eating each other. This provided me with numerous nightmares for years to come, and I probably would never have watched something like that--knowing full well at that age that blood and violence totally freaked me out--if the adults in my life hadn't set it up next to b
ig bowls of ice cream, candy, and expensive gifts as 'the kind of thing that you dont g<br> et very much of'.<br><br>I remember at my work a while ago someone was talking about going around giving talks to young kids about vegetables and nutrition, where they would bring a wide variety of veggies to the talk and get the kids to try the veggies. At one school, none of the kids would try the radishes, because radishes were &quot;gross&quot;. So at the next school, they set the radishes aside and told the kids not to worry about eating the radishes, that they probably wouldnt like them, and that other kids didnt like them. There was a mad scramble for the radishes and every single one was eaten. What's more, the kids all said that they liked them. If you think about how bland and boring radishes are--I personally hate them, I must admit--this becomes even more interesting. Children are like tycoons with their experiences. They seek out the things that seem forbidden because they are exploring the world, and the
 experiences that are harder to have must be pursued more furiously. We value gold and diamond<br> s because they are rare, and riches because they are so hard to come by. <br><br>Also, what is this malarkey about sex, nakedness, and toilet humour being for &quot;mature&quot; audiences? Hahaha! Does anyone understand what that is about?? I think, personally, that giving something a &quot;mature audience only&quot; rating makes it isntantly infinitely more marketable to the demographic most interested in seeming more mature--people who, because of their age in years, are treated overall as second class citizens, and will be so until they reach maturity. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, since I can't remember the quote verbatim, when you grow up part of the set of childish things that you leave behind is the overwhelming desire to appear extremely 'adult'. However to elaborate on Lewis's point, I think thats not only a personal journey, but a matter of rights, respect, and the ability of humans to have their own cap
acities as they are and not as a standardized scale suggests that they should be. <br><br>And in the end, no one, regardless of their age, should have problems telling the difference between fictional images and actual reality. If they do, they are schitzophrenic, and if they are schitzophrenic, they will find images to blur the lines with anywhere--if not in videogames and film, then in books and ads, if in no other form of media then in dreams and delusions, which they will have anyway if they are in fact schitzophrenic. Schitzophrenia runs in my family, and I have seen people, who do nothing all day but read the bible and do volunteer work for disabled children, have psychotic episodes where they can't tell whats me, it has nothing to do with video games!! :)<br><br>Peace,<br>Tay<br>-- <br>___________________________________________________________<br>Sign-up for Ads Free at<br><br><br>_______________________________________________<br>Discuss-sud
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