Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Fairhaven, "R" rating

From: sheila <>
Date: Thu May 13 21:08:01 2004

I don't know about Fairhaven, but the rule against no violent video games at
Circle School was a major factor in dd (10) deciding to remain an
unschooler over attending the school. Everquest online adventures is a huge
passion of hers, and one that she wouldn't have had much time to do if she
had chosen to attend the school.

> I just read the article in Education Week about Fairhaven. What did you
> all think of it? Was the part about anyone being able to watch R rated
> movies and play any video game correct? If so, I'm curious about the
> thinking behind it being okay for the youngest children to watch violent
> and graphically disturbing images.
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