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From: Isaac Graves <nomoretests_at_excite.com>
Date: Tue May 11 18:06:01 2004

Hello All,

I think you all might find this upcoming conference of interest. All those
organizing it and many of those attending are from freedom based and
democratic based schools, such as the Sudbury model. I myself attended the
Albany Free School and now find myself organizing the conference. Last
year we had many folks from Sudbury schools at the 11th annual
International Democratic Education Conference and I encourage everyone to
once again come, enjoy, learn, grow, and get as much out of this conference
as you want. Many discounts are available beyond what we have set, and as
a Free School graduate (mind you only 17, but that's a problem the FS is
addressing), I know the financial constraints many of your schools and you
may have so I have no problem adjusting the rates accordingly.....below is
an e-mail I've just sent out to a few other listservs....


-Isaac Graves

Come One, Come All to a Celebration and Conference of Alternative Education!

June 25th-27th, 2004 at Russell Sage College in Troy, NY the Alternative
Education Resource Organization (AERO) will be holding its 15th Anniversary
Conference & Celebration titled, "Setting the Agenda for the Education

Attendees will include those from many different alternative education
backgrounds including many folks interested in democracy in
education. Last year AERO co-hosted the 11th annual International
Democratic Education Conference which brought together over 550 attendees
from 90 schools in 26 countries for 9 days! This year we expect many to
return and hope you can join us!

Keynote speakers include:
-John Taylor Gatto, Former NYS & NYC Teacher of the Year and Bestselling
Author of Dumbing Us Down and the Underground History of American Education
-Pat Farenga, President of the Holt Associates and co-author of Teach Your Own
-Michael Klonsky, Director of the Small Schools Workshop and editor of A
Simple Justice
-Jerry Mintz, Director of AERO and Author of No Homework and Recess All Day
-Chris Mercogliano, Director of the Albany Free School and Author of
Teaching the Restless: One School's Remarkable No-Ritalin Approach to
Helping Children Learn & Suceed

Events include:
-Free to Learn, the recently completed Free School Documentary
-Pat Farenga's Homeschooling Workshop (free to conference attendees-held
Sunday afternoon)
-Brooklyn Free School Meeting/Workshop (school set to open fall
'04--already has 40 enrolled and 300 have attended their meetings)
-Numerous Attendee Workshops (some include starting schools, fundraising,
and many more!--all attendees are free to hold workshops and presentations)

Rates (includes 6 all-you-can-eat meals, 2 nights, and conference
fees--will have vegetarian/vegan options):
$25/Children 3 & Under

Many, Many Discounts are available, just visit our
website: www.EducationRevolution.org/set.html

Thank you and I hope to see many of you this summer,

-Isaac Graves (Free School Alumnus)
Conference Organizing Committee
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