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From: Michael Hudecheck <>
Date: Thu May 6 23:43:01 2004



     It depends. I cannot speak for any 'Sudbury Schools', but at the school
I am currently attending, it would depend on the scale, scope, and the
persons involved in the conflict. If the people involved did not want to
engage any of the institutions of the school, and so long as the freedoms of
the other members of the school were not infringed upon, there is very
little that anyone else at school could do, at least in an authoritarian
manner. However, if anyone, including those engaged in the conflict, wanted
to, they could force the people involved in the conflict to a 'Tribunal',
where they would have the opportunity to talk to them in a controlled


     If one of the people engaged in the conflict did want to do something
about it, they could write up the offending parties for any infringement of
their freedom that may have occurred. If matters got completely out of
hand, suspension, probation, and expulsion are all options, through these
require a super majority vote of the School Meeting. However, this usually
occurs only when the offender is resisting the authority of the Judicial
Committee and the School Meeting, and most other methods have been


    Does this answer your question?



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