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Date: Sun May 2 09:40:00 2004

Bill: I do not understand what you're referring to in your
words "speak with their mothers." Can you explain?

William Van Horn

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<HTML><FONT FACE=arial,helvetica><HTML><FONT SIZE=2 PTSIZE=10 FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial" LANG="0">Dear Folks,<BR>
Wow! Look at all that we have learned from this organizing. We now have multiple folks that need to go and speak with their mothers. Can we see how deep this affects people? These are the clear and honest ones that need to go and speak with their mothers. See if it's OK. To get some deep reassurance or something, some guidance. I am reminded of the one or two year old on the playground venturing out and then scurrying back time and time again. No wonder in the literature they tell us that this stuff disorients folks. It takes them back, sometimes way back, to the time when they were who they were.<BR>
Being raised Catholic, and being the youngest, I will always remember being in my playpen on Saturday afternoon and seeing the faces of my 3 older brothers as they filed past to go out to Confession. I screamed and yelled at them and shook my cage, pleading with them not to be so already lost. Knowing in my cage and in my soul who really was the free one, till I joined them soon enough. But I did not forget. In my little heart of long ago, from my cage, I screamed the joy of freedom at my brothers. <BR>
And I can hear that scream today. When we talk this stuff to folks. When they tell us that they need to go and speak with their mothers. I simply weep. They see it. And then all in a rush they wonder where they have been for so long. Where did they go and why did they leave their very own selves. First they think of their mothers. And then they think of their children. And then they remember themselves. <BR>
You are cordially invited to come and organize with us, and offer to folks the chance to be themselves, the chance for their children to be themselves. Come and help us, come for your children, come for yourselves. Don't wait. Hop the first flight. And coming in, between the small bag of peanuts and the coke, carve yourself open all the way down to kindness. It's the only requisite. And we can't use much of anything else. If you need to know, kindness is found in your soul, but it is only part of your soul, the sweetest and the dearest part. And we need you to find it in yourself, because we need you to give it away. You can give it away to all these folks needing to speak with their mothers.<BR>
Warm Regards,<BR>
Bill Richardson<BR></FONT></HTML>

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