Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Values?

From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Tue Apr 20 13:14:00 2004

Hi Sally,
The fundamental issue it seems to me is seeking input from the students as
to what they want to pursue. And yes, that's often art and music and
cooking, but not always. Also the idea that art leads to only a life as an
artist and music leads to life as a musician is an underlying issue here.
You know, the elephant in the room. Making a leap to trust that the nature
of a human being will seek what it most needs if given a nurturing safe
environment to do so takes guts. I've heard people say a gazillion times
that SVS would be a great school for this or that child but not the other.
And in my never-to-be-humble opinion they mean they cannot imagine believing
in a particular child's ability to do it. And if that belief is there, then
NO school will help that child find strength wisdom and courage, for out of
the gate they get it that no one thinks they can do any thing well if left
to their own devices. I raised three children at SVS or rather I should
say, SVS and we raised three children and they could not be a more diverse
trio. SVS style of schooling is learning from the inside out, not the
outside in. There are precious few places in this society that one can
experience this. Your posts demonstrate a quite wonderful perspective.
Thanks for doing it.
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