Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] uninterrupted time

From: Kristina <>
Date: Sun Apr 18 15:21:00 2004

On 4/17/04 9:26 PM, "wmvh" <> wrote:

Carol wrote:> Uninterupted time is essential for the spirit of a person to
come through.

William wrote:> I have trouble with this as an adult. People have trouble
with the idea that I need a lot of my own time for my art. Art (or any
self-expression / exploration), for most, is far from primary. Its something
to do in your spare time.

Hi William,

If uninterrupted time is essential for a spirit to come through (and I
believe that it is), and developing your spirit is most certainly a primary
activity, then you need to devote primary, not spare time to doing that.
Art, or self-expression / exploration *is* primary. Until *you* make it a
priority, no one around you will consider it that important. The time for
it will never appear until you create it. That's what the Sudbury schools
have going for them. They make that uninterrupted time available to
individuals to allow creativity and self discovery. Give yourself the same

It's a bit of a stretch, I know, with expectations that are self-imposed and
imposed by society, all the guilt that goes with those expectations (pretty
useless emotion but powerful), to recognize that we *deserve* to have this
luxury of time to reflect, think, be. But we do, and it's rather central to
our health and well being. I suppose that's why many of us find ourselves
slipping into reclusive behavior from time to time, declining invitations to
expected but mundane events, and saying no thanks to things we should and
are expected to do, making "appointments" with ourselves to do "nothing" and
everything (seems silly but it works ;-)) to reclaim the time and space we
need to grow and stay well.

Only the best,
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