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Thanks Myra: I became interested in alternative schools early. After some problems in junior high school my brother sent me the books Summerhill and Leonard's Education and Ecstasy. As someone mentioned earlier in this forum, reading Leonard's description of a school brought tears to my eyes. It still does. I feel a betrayal and a sense of missing out on something because I attended normal public schools. I still feel that I was cheated in my schooling.

I had the luck of attending a newly formed (1972) alternative school in my senior year, and though it wasn't a democratic school, it did allow me a lot of freedom to choose what and how I wanted to study. There was also an informal atmosphere about the place, including the relationship between teachers and students. I credit this school with showing me that learning can be a positive pursuit. Throughout college I always spent most of my energy on those subjects that fascinated me, and played the game in those that were less interesting. There were always some professors who could communicate their passion for their subjects.

I became aware of Sudbury through reading a book by Daniel Greenburg which was part of a reading list in an education class (another inspired teacher). My desire for a SUdbury-type school is selfish. The institional nature of the teacher-student relationship in public schools is also stifling to the teacher. It limits the teacher's development by limiting the student's expression.

I would be happy to write to you of my other journeys outside of this forum, by personal email, if it is ok with you. I'd be interested in hearing of your experiences in working within the school system.

William Van Horn

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<DIV>Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. You have a nice website. How did you go from California to Arkansas? I went from GA to Oregon back to GA then to CA and then back to GA. I was in the Bay area the same time you were, 80-86. Your gardening ? business sounds interesting, I love that, too. I was tempted to make that my BA, as it is I must keep my hands in the dirt as much as possible. How did you discover Sudbury Valley? Myra<BR>
<BLOCKQUOTE class=replbq style="PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid">I understand your predicament Myra. I am also 49, just beginning a life long dream to be an art teacher. (excuse that term). And I will be working in a public middle school. I have been working there the last 2 years as an AIde and often find myself slipping into a role that I do not like. <BR><BR>I feel a little stuck, not having a democratic school nearby, and not having the money or energy to start a new one. I believe that I can do SOME good, just by talking and listening to my students honestly. There is a little more freedom in art classes though the requirements of the school do put a lot of restrictions on activities.<BR><BR>I had a younger friend once, and the relationship had a certain amount of mentor/student to it. Basically, we hung out together, drew together, did goofy things together. He would ask about his artwork and I would respond. But my responce was pers!
onal, not
 institutional.<BR><BR>I am hoping that I can create a personal relationship with my students that somehow overshadows the institutional one that is forced on us. I do not know if it is possible. I know that I have to keep a close check on myself to avoid playing the role.<BR><BR>Other than that, if someone in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area is into starting a democratic school, I am certainly interested in discussing the matter.<BR><BR><BR>William Van Horn<BR>http://inmystudio.net<BR><BR>
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