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From: Myra Hunter <myrahunter27_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Apr 17 22:29:00 2004

Hi Bill, Thanks for the reply. You have a nice website. How did you go from California to Arkansas? I went from GA to Oregon back to GA then to CA and then back to GA. I was in the Bay area the same time you were, 80-86. Your gardening ? business sounds interesting, I love that, too. I was tempted to make that my BA, as it is I must keep my hands in the dirt as much as possible. How did you discover Sudbury Valley? Myra
I understand your predicament Myra. I am also 49, just beginning a life long dream to be an art teacher. (excuse that term). And I will be working in a public middle school. I have been working there the last 2 years as an AIde and often find myself slipping into a role that I do not like.

I feel a little stuck, not having a democratic school nearby, and not having the money or energy to start a new one. I believe that I can do SOME good, just by talking and listening to my students honestly. There is a little more freedom in art classes though the requirements of the school do put a lot of restrictions on activities.

I had a younger friend once, and the relationship had a certain amount of mentor/student to it. Basically, we hung out together, drew together, did goofy things together. He would ask about his artwork and I would respond. But my responce was personal, not institutional.

I am hoping that I can create a personal relationship with my students that somehow overshadows the institutional one that is forced on us. I do not know if it is possible. I know that I have to keep a close check on myself to avoid playing the role.

Other than that, if someone in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area is into starting a democratic school, I am certainly interested in discussing the matter.

William Van Horn

Merry Christmas,
Myra Hunter

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