RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Values?

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Mon Apr 12 08:48:00 2004

You know, I actually considered putting (I'm not necessarily talking about
you)'s in there, so I'm sorry I did not and am sorry you feel defensive. I
did not know (and frankly care) whether the volunteering or whatever was
"voluntary" or not, I was just trying to explain one of the reasons why
staff members in Sudbury Schools generally avoid preaching causes in the
schools. This other reason of course is that staffing is an absolutely
overwhelming amount of work.

> Your responses make me wonder more about the theory...would
> you say that
> taking little children (say ages 0 to 7) anywhere is
> coercive?

I'll reserve answering as there just is no cultural context here (not enough
information) - my answer to this question could range from "definitely" to
"certainly not". :) What theory is it you are talking about? I don't want
you to get the wrong idea - there is no real official "theory" of Sudbury
education - everything I am saying is just my opinion///.

> How does the idea of
> bringing children
> to any kind of Sunday service work in this model?

I'm a little confused here - I thought we were talking about how a staff
behaves at a school. We seem to have transitioned to more of a parenting
topic. With regard to parenting, I don't really have an opinion on how
religion interacts with a child's life.

> I hear of studies from time to time that do indicate a
> bias.

Yes, there are lots of "studies" out there that attempt to prove things
either way. I just hope people will consider letting young people be who
they will be and not overreact to their fears about popular culture and the

As I said I and many of my friends who were super convinced of this
phenomina and essentially insulated their kids from media of all types for
the first 6 or 7 years, and we all get together and while the parents are
talking about the evils of advertising their sons are running in packs and
playing sports and playing fighting and shoot em up video games, and the
girls are playing with animals and riding horses and dressing up beanie
babies and giving them baths.

As I said there is lots of crossover but I hold personal experience and the
sense I develop from it in much higher regard than "studies"- it is not a
science of course so I use the quotes. We just present freedom and let the
chips fall...

> the
> example of the
> plasticine brought my concerns to mind.

Yes, that's what triggered my rant - I have dealt with many parents who wish
to take self-determination away from the school because in their minds
children are susceptable to advertising and pop culture. I believe this is
a myth, and I hope even those parents who disagree with me don't use their
fears as an excuse to take choices away from young people (I'm not
necessarily referring to you here, Sally).



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