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Date: Sat Apr 10 21:51:01 2004

Hi Bill,

Your writing is poignant and beautiful. It reminded me of a study that a
friend of mine conducted in New Your City more than forty years ago. She got the
idea to do it because she noticed that her own toddler would come home from
the swanky nursery school, run by Columbia university Teacher's College and
bombard his illiterate baby sitter (literally illiterate) with a million
questions. She went to observe him in the nursery school and actually heard the
teacher respond to a little kid's question with "i don't have time to answer your
questions I have work to do here." She then designed her Ph.D. research to see
if nursery school children indeed stop asking questions. She got permission
to come and visit schools (rich and poor ones) and bring a weird toy into
class. She then counted how many questions the kids asked her about the toy
compared to how many questions they asked the teacher in the course of the day.
It will come as no surprise to you that she documented the lack of questions
to the teachers in all the schools rich and poor alike, compared to the
numerous questions the same three year olds asked her. This finding encouraged us in
our pursuit of the Sudbury philosophy, but I doubt that our friend who did
the study would have send her own kids to our school. She saw with her head but
not with her heart as you did.

Best regards. Hanna from SVS
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