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Since Sudbury schools are each self-governing communities, it would seem a
certain amount of variation is to be expected. Not unrelated to this
variation, is the difficulty of defining at what point a school ceases to
be a "Sudbury school," and begins to be something else.

I can say that the Albany Free School serves a very urban and
substantially poorer demographic than most of the (8 or 9) Sudbury schools
I've visited. The Blue Mountain School, Oregon, is likely an exception.
Perhaps more significantly, the Albany Free School's program ends with the
eighth grade.

If Red Cedar has evolved (or devolved) to the point where it is
distinguishable from a "Sudbury school," the Circle School, in
Pennsylvania is an example of a school that became "Sudbury" some time
after they opened.

-Reb Murphy


>>Bill Richardson
> Bill,
> Thanks for the beautiful word picture of awakening to a different
> worldview. I have done no where near the research you did but find myself
> undergoing a similar eye opening, and soul awakening, shift. I am in the
> midst of it and don't yet know where it will lead me but if feels
> significant. Forgive my ignorance, but are you working on opening a
> Sudbury school? I wasn't sure from your post if you are organizing one in
> Tucson. I don't see it on the links pages.
> On a related, but more nut and bolts, issue I am wondering about:
> What is the primary difference between the Albany Free School and Sudbury,
> and what is the significance of those differences? I'm reading about
> Albany and so far it seems that although there is the democratic School
> Meeting process I'm not sure it applies to the entire running of the
> school. Also, there seems to be more emphasis on explicit awareness of
> compassion and feelings, such as calling an immediate school meeting to
> work through a behavior problem or planning events for Martin Luther King
> Day.
> Also, I notice from the Red Cedar School website that they are now having
> course requirements and written evaluations and I'm wondering about
> whether
> they were a Sudbury model and if so, what happened to change that.
> Thanks!
> Sally
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