[Discuss-sudbury-model] Cultural transformation

From: Sally Rosloff <sallyr_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri Apr 9 20:54:00 2004

I read Ron Miller's book "What are Schools For?" where he suggests that
holistic models have not and may not become widespread until there is a
more general cultural transformation.

Other than free schools serving as models and folks publishing about them,
what are you doing or what can be done to work at spreading the word, so to
speak? I live in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles and other than
Play Mountain Place don't know of another "free" school in the whole
area. I am someone who has been open to alternatives and searching for
them and it took much research and my own development to finally educate
myself through the internet about free schools.

I am involved with a group of people meeting to talk of starting a school
and when I think about the possibility of using the Sudbury model I wonder
who would enroll...we would want a cross section of folks and it seems that
most folks are still focused on the traditional model, even if very unhappy
with it, believing, as I once did, the rationale of preparing for college
to have a greater chance of a successful life. How do we even begin to get
across the Sudbury ideas when it seems so radical to people used to the
traditional model? In one to one conversation we can educate, inform,
answer questions and guide a person who is leaning toward change. But in
putting out marketing materials to folks you don't get a chance to talk
with, can you even get them interested? Are there enough people interested
to come to a new school?

I feel like I'm rambling here but I'm trying to get across the fact that I
feel as if I'm surrounded by huge numbers of people who would think these
ideas bizarre or even irresponsible and how can we be effective in creating
change in the face of that.

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