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From: Mydlack, Daniel J. <dmydlack_at_towson.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 5 21:58:01 2004

Hi All,

This is my first post.

I have been shooting a documentary of a local SVS (and interested Holt for the past 20 years) and am forming plans to initiate an SVS startup over the next few years.

What do folks think about staff and enlightened parents actively offering presentations during school time as well as the possibility of staff initiating residencies of artists, scholars, working professionals on the premises of an SVS school?

PLEASE NOTE, any attendance to these would be entirely voluntary and event offering would make every effort to not disturb the entire campus. Also, all presentations or residencies would adhere to a strict policy of non-coercion (come-and-go-friendly) with an emphasis on the presenter/resident manifesting an authentic personal interest or on-going practice (rather than a workshop on any random topic deemed to be 'valuable.")

I really understand the importance of non-interventon in the flow of student's unfolding days and the delicacy of some students immunity to even the hint of coercion.

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