Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Rightwing SVS's?

From: Hector Ortega <>
Date: Mon Apr 5 10:28:00 2004


> I think it is important to keep in mind that a
> Sudbury School is defined
> by an educational philosophy, not a financing
> policy.

Right, I think most of us would agree that all kinds
of people are interested in SVS, except maybe
conservative fundamentalists and maybe a large
proportion of other non-fundamentalist conservatives
(not including right-wing libertarians,

 The opposite of a
> Sudbury School is NOT a Public School, it is a
> Compulsory Curriculum
> School. Personally, I love the idea of school being
> financed by the
> community as a community obligation - in other words
> I love Public
> Schools. I just don't like the idea that they all
> seem to be run as
> Compulsory Curriculum Schools.

I don't like that idea either, but it doesn't mean
that it always has to be that way. If the public
compulsory school system were to be dismantled it
doesn't mean there couldn't be public or community
support for real public schools or learning centers
(or public community centers and parks with museums,
etc.) , public like public libraries...anybody can go
to a library anytime, or a park or a free museum and
there is no compulsion there. I remember where I grew
up (in Calexico, California, just right accross the
border from Mexico), during the summer there were free
programs at the library and the Neighborhood House,
programs for children where people would either
volunteer and/or get paid to work with children,
offering to teach and have fun doing all kinds of
things, organizing field trips, etc. Even John T.
Gatto says there's nothing 'public' about our supposed
public school system. Imagine compulsive libraries.
Now, if we really live in a democracy we should be
able to modify the public school system, even take
away the compulsory factor if that's what the people
wanted. The problem is, that's not what the general
population (especially parents) wants, so in a way the
current public school system is a reflexion of what
the general population wants. But take a look at
public charter schools like the Jefferson County Open

I think that shows the public (teachers and parents)
can get together and change the public school system,
if not ok, sure let's dismantle it. We could probably
use half of the money (that we currently use on the
public school system) for non-compulsory programs and
community centers.

Question: Is school attendance compulsory for SVS
students, according to state laws, or are they free to
stay home or go somewhere else whenever they want. I
work at the public schools as a substitute teacher and
last week a student told me she and her friend were
ditching and went to the store or something. A police
officer saw them and now they have to go to court for
truancy. Could they have said to the cop... Leave us
alone, we are homeschooled, or, We go to
non-compulsory school. Actually I thought if a police
officer approaches you to ask you something you don't
have to agree to stop and talk to him/her.

:) Hector

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