Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Rightwing SVS's?

From: Amanda Phillips <>
Date: Mon Apr 5 00:37:00 2004

Hi there,

I'm a libertarian, and I've known LOTS of home-schoolers who
were not Fundamentalist Christians. Home-schooling: It's not
just for religious fundamentalists anymore! Libertarians also
tend to be interested in private schools, unschooling, and
just about anything that will keep our kids out of the
government schools.

The liberals I have talked with tend to like the Sudbury
concept, but want to try to implement it in a government
school. :)

The conservatives I have talked with tend to personally
dislike the Sudbury model, but are happy to support
everyone's choice to educate outside of a government school
in their own way.

Many of the libertarians I have talked with *love* the
Sudbury concept AND support keeping the schools private.


>I think the conservatives are more interested in home
schooling than they
>are in alternative education systems in general. Every home
schooled child
>I've met has been home schooled by Fundamentalist Christian
parents who
>object to things such as evolution being taught in schools
(or not
>appropriately countered with the uber-scientific "Genesis
Theory") all the
>way down to shock and horror over sex ed programs. One guy I
worked with
>didn't like that public education encouraged his kids to
>The other argument I've heard from Conservatives are
arguments such as,
>"They give a kid an A so he doesn't feel bad about himself
but then he
>can't read, so how does he feel about himself when he gets
into the REAL
>But this might be interesting to you:
>This paragraph pretty much nails why lefties and christian
>*almost* agree. One of these things/ is not like the other:
>"Kristi Lisech knew she wanted to home-school her children
before they
>were even born. The Stafford County resident, who majored in
>said she remembered telling professors in college that one-
on-one teaching
>was more effective than a group setting. Parents can
customize their
>children's education based on their individual needs, she
told her
>teachers. In addition, home-schooling would allow Lisech the
ability to
>pass along her Christian faith to her children in a school
setting, she
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