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I think it is very important not to look at homeschooling in a stereotypical
way, as we may be viewed by others. About 60% of homeschoolers see themselves
as primarily Christian, but there is a spectrum within that group. Some are
fundimentalist, but others still homeschool for educational reasons. The
non-sectarian homeschoolers are lower profile, but they are everywhere, if you know
where to look, and it is the fastest growing group, with unschooling growing by
leaps and bounds.

But even within the Christian homeschoolers I think it is important to
realize that they are using a paradigm that is different from most standard public
schools: They expect their children to be learners, and they are responded to

I had my eyes opened once when I met a young homeschooler on a train. I
guessed that he was either from a democratic school or a homeschooler because he
talked to adults like they were people, and looked them in the eye. Later I
discovered that his family was fundimentalist Christian. So I asked him the
question: "What does your family think about evolution?"

 He gave me the standard answer, that God had created everything, etc. But
later he said to me, "But you know, I have researched this carefully myself and
I've come to the conclusion that there IS evolution within a species!"

He was already beyond the Pale! When you expect kids to be learners, they


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> I've heard theres a book called "Dumbing Down Our Kids" that is a

> conservative look at how public schools have failed--does anyone know what

> the criteria of this position is? Or how conservatives react to sudbury

> model schools?

I think the conservatives are more interested in home schooling than they

are in alternative education systems in general. Every home schooled child

I've met has been home schooled by Fundamentalist Christian parents who

object to things such as evolution being taught in schools (or not

appropriately countered with the uber-scientific "Genesis Theory") all the

way down to shock and horror over sex ed programs. One guy I worked with

didn't like that public education encouraged his kids to question


The other argument I've heard from Conservatives are arguments such as,

"They give a kid an A so he doesn't feel bad about himself but then he

can't read, so how does he feel about himself when he gets into the REAL


But this might be interesting to you:


This paragraph pretty much nails why lefties and christian fundamentalists

*almost* agree. One of these things/ is not like the other:

"Kristi Lisech knew she wanted to home-school her children before they

were even born. The Stafford County resident, who majored in education,

said she remembered telling professors in college that one-on-one teaching

was more effective than a group setting. Parents can customize their

children's education based on their individual needs, she told her

teachers. In addition, home-schooling would allow Lisech the ability to

pass along her Christian faith to her children in a school setting, she


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