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Date: Sun Apr 4 10:29:00 2004

The issue goes beyond political bounds. John Gatto, who wrote Dumbing Us
Down, cannot be called a liberal, and conservatives like what he writes. When you
get out toward the conservative fringe of libertarianism, that overlaps the
radical anarchistic fringe. When I was on Hannity and Colmbs I won over the
conservative, Hannity, much to everyone's shock, and he actually defended me
against the liberal, Colmbs. When I had my own radio show on the mostly
conservative TalkAmerica Network people pretty much agreed with what i had to say about
education, although I remember the shock of one caller when he found out I went
to Goddard College!

I think the issue of school change or replacement goes beyond politics.

Jerry Mintz

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<< Hi guys!

I was wondering...

Has anyone read books which are anti-public school and which you would
consider conservative or right wing? Do you think that the Sudbury model is a
particularly liberal/leftist system? If so, is there a Sudbury-model option for the
politically conservative? Going to SVS, and being a New Englander, I never met
many--any--conservatives or republicans. Yet at the same time it--the sudbury
model--all seems very "small government"--to be anti-public school (reducing
government size via non-interference with education) and to not have a
structure/curriculum for things to go by. I've heard theres a book called "Dumbing
Down Our Kids" that is a conservative look at how public schools have
failed--does anyone know what the criteria of this position is? Or how conservatives
react to sudbury model schools?

It seems to me that the people most likely to oppose a sudbury model school
are actually moderates, who think that almost everything in this country,
(public schools included), is just dandy. I heard teachers in the public school I
attended before SVS refer to it as a place where "kids are just hanging out the
windows" (I really like that image!) but my conservative acquaintance at
work, who was homeschooled, is kind of my ally against the system we're working
for (we score 8th grade standardized writing tests, ultragross).

On a vaguely related note, have people seen the "academic bill of rights"
being pushed at universities by David Horowitz, demanding that the "liberal
hiring bias" be eliminated from university policy? Good grief. As if.

-Tay Arrow Sherman

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