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Hi Sam,

There is a book by John Taylor Gatto, a former ps teacher, about the origin
and purpose of public schools that you might find interesting and useful..

It's called The Underground History of American Education.


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  First, I'd like to thank you for an amazing response. It was truly a
  wonderful piece of writing.

  I've never heard anything negative about SVS. It sounds incredible in every
  way. Isn't there anyone who has found some flaw? Some disgruntled

  Do people ever get kicked out? Do you think the selection process may
  filter out people who wouldn't do well there? Is there something special
  about the people who go there that could explain the success of the system?

  I'm playing Devil's advocate because I want to have good responses to any
  objections that get brought up. I love everything I've read about SVS, but
  it seems too good to be true.
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