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From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Fri Apr 2 08:02:00 2004

On the SVS website there is an account written by a Sudbury student who
learned algebra. He needed it in order to better understand some articles he
was reading about nuclear energy/Atom bombs, something. That's specifically
about algebra.

In other reading, and in observing my own kids (Not Sudbury students, but
unschooled/relaxed homeschooled) I've learned that, when they need it in
their life, they WILL learn it. For instance, my 16 year old, who simply
could not "get" percentages (not even 10's) when I was "teaching" it to her
(ha!) gets it, because she gives away 10% of what she earns
babysitting. My littler kids, who tend to SPEND any money that comes their
way, are learning that the price noted on the merchandise, is less than what
will be asked at the checkout: Taxes. And they figure it in when they're
deciding what to buy.

So, let's say a kid gets close to college age, and hasn't learned algebra
yet. Finds out, he's going to need algebra to be admitted to college. The
kid REALLY wants to go to college...and my dime is on him finding someone to
teach algebra to him. And, I also bet the kid will learn algebra
sufficiently, in short order, because of motivation. Flip side of the coin:
at age 13 it is decided by The Powers That Be, that the kid's gotta learn
algebra. It isn't his decision; it is the school board's or the parent's (in
the case of schooling at home)...I think the algebra he "learns" is going to
stay with him long enough to pass the tests, and then completely disappear
(ME, a case in point! Couldn't do algebra today to save me life)

anyway, that's just algebra. It applies to every "subject". Like the old
adage "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".


>On Thursday, April 1, 2004, at 10:06 PM, someone asked:
>>Have you, or others you know, found that you hadn't learned something that
>>was needed later in life? I'm thinking specifically of something like
>>calculus or algebra. Do a lot of the students (is that the right term?) at
>>SVS choose to learn that kind of thing?

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