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From: Amanda Phillips <>
Date: Thu Apr 1 22:08:00 2004

>Have you, or others you know, found that you hadn't learned
something that
>was needed later in life? I'm thinking specifically of
something like
>calculus or algebra. Do a lot of the students (is that the
right term?) at
>SVS choose to learn that kind of thing?

The cool thing about being a self-motivated learner is that
it doesn't matter if you never learned something that you
need later in life. If you need something later in life, you
just learn it when you need it.

When I was a kid, I spent an entire summer on the beach with
a Trigonometry textbook. I remember spending one winter with
a Geometry textbook and my father's billiard table.

Think of the way we learn things as adults... If we want to
learn something, we'll learn it by ourselves. If it's
difficult, we can always find someone to help us. Kids behave
the same way, if they have the freedom.

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