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Date: Tue Mar 30 15:30:00 2004

How about "badly" defined as "overly independent and free-thinking" ? We
can't have more kids running around thinking that their rights are just as
important as the rights of us grown-ups, or that their opinions matter
just as much as ours.

Seriously, I appreciate our colleague's response, which merely turned your
question back on itself. But I thought you might like to hear some more
direct support for your hopes and concerns about this model.

The Sudbury model is based on a deep trust that young people know,
intuitively, how to learn and grow, and adapt to their environment. Given
an environment that is supporive of their needs, (which is how most of us
on this list would probably describe the atmosphere of a successful
Sudbury school,) the vast majority of kids will do just fine. Of course,
the opposite proves true as well. Given an environment that is
unsupportive of young people's needs, (which is how many of us on this
list would probably describe the atmosphere of a compulsion-driven school,
successful or not.)

Some of what I consider to be the most compelling evidence in support of
this claim, is that kids (young people) who are clearly NOT doing fine in
compulsion-driven models of schooling, recover rapidly, and remarkably
when returned to an environment that satisfies their drive to be
independent and free.


Reb Murphy

Philadelphia Free School


> Is there any information about people who went through a Sudbury Valley
> type
> school and turned out badly? Pick any definition of badly you'd like :)
> Sudbury Valley sounds too good to be true. I don't have any kids, but I'm
> already arguing with my girlfriend about whether this would be a good way
> to
> educate our "potential future" children. One of the things I'd like to
> know
> is how the students turn out in later life. Do they miss out on anything
> that they really needed that a more traditional school would have
> provided?
> sam
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