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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Wed Mar 17 22:28:00 2004


I think you are missing an important element. You refer to instances in
which someone CAN do something, but chooses to back off from fear or worry.
The missing element is whether or not they WANT to do the activity. It is
this element that wins out for me. If a person, younger or older, indicates
to me that they want to do something and then backs off for reasons that
look to me like fear or worry, then, given the appropriate relationship, I
might let them know my perception and on what I am basing my perception. The
choice is always theirs to decide if my perception has any merit and, if it
does, whether or not they want to do anything about it, either with me and
my encouragement or without.

~Alan Klein

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From: "Sally Rosloff" <>
> I was thinking of examples of encouragement where it would truly be where
> you have seen a student be able to do something but then back off from
> worry or fear (such as continuing on to a perform in a play after
> rehearsal), or where you have a good sense from knowing them how they
> be able to do something and from that point comes in the art of taking any
> further steps. I do get that their process is their process and that
> hopefully through a truly respectful supportive relationship encouragement
> might arise in a noncoercive way.
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