[Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Encouragement

From: Liz Godwin <ehgodwin_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Mar 17 17:17:00 2004

Jeff wrote:

>First I think Mike is absolutely correct that the relationship between
>the two parties (encouragee and encourager) is very, very important.
>The husband-wife example you describe is very different from a staff
>member-student relationship. A staff member-student relationship has
>*some* of the same aspects of a parent-child relationship. In my
>personal, parental experience my attempts at the type of encouragement
>in your example almost always fall flat or have a reverse of the desired
>effect. Here are two examples of this:


Thanks Jeff, those examples really helped. It seems to me that in a
culture where adults have a certain inherent amount of power in the
relationship with a child, it must be difficult to make sure that one comes
across as encouraging and non-coercive. I gather that it takes constant
vigilance and commitment.

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