[Discuss-sudbury-model] Reading (was:Re: Lack of interest?)

From: Liz Godwin <ehgodwin_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Tue Mar 16 13:24:00 2004

Ardeshir wrote:

>Yes, this happens. But reading is not altogether necessary to have a
>good life, even a VERY good life. Do stunt drivers read? Do
>snowboarders read? Do skydivers read? If so, it must be very little, or
>so it would seem. But who can doubt that they enjoy themselves hugely,
>probably much more than lawyers and librarians?

As a skydiver, I'm going to have to respectfully take issue with the
applicability of this analogy. I would argue that in our society, reading
is _most likely_ going to be necessary to have the life one wants to
live. It is an extremely small percentage of us who are full-time
skydiving professionals. Those people do indeed read such things as
technical notices about gear, training syllabi from the U.S. Parachute
Association, etc. The rest of us make the money necessary to support our
skydiving addic...er, I mean hobby, by performing jobs that require us to
be able to read. Through skydiving, I've encountered a wide range of
professionals including private investigators, investment bankers,
teachers, computer programmers, etc. All these people have to be well-read
to succeed in their fields. I've also found many jumpers to be viibrant
people who like learning and therefore would be readers even if being
well-read were not necessary for their continued professional success.

And yes, we enjoy ourselves HUGELY! :D

Of course, as a skier, I can assure you that snowboarders probably don't
know how to read. ;)

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