Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Lack of interest?

From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Mon Mar 15 09:14:00 2004

Hi Sally,

"What about when kids appear to have lost interest when in fact they have
stopped because of a fear or being discouraged or something like that and
exploring that could help them to continue and by doing so gain confidence."

I agree that exploring fear and discouragement are vital. But can you see
that behind your question is the notion that you will have to step in and
fix something or generate it for them. SVS students get plenty of practice
facing fear and discouragement for themselves. Many prevailing themes of
the thesis defenses demonstrate their great pride in what has been overcome
or developed in themselves. The inherent belief that they will be and do
what is necessary with their own energy/psyche/intellect is precisely what
SVS empowers.

Students who need to read something because it interests them ask for help
and get it. If symbol oriented actions are not do-able for someone, then
there are hundreds of ways to walk through life without it. I certainly
hope no one would intervene and assess at a Sudbury school. I am positively
allergic to the idea. The environment at a Sudbury school creates all the
materials a child needs to grow up and mature on every level. In my mind it
would undermine the other students to see anyone singled out and "rescued".
Perhaps someone with severe disabilities for reading (which is extremely
rare) could develop the charming ability to get others to read for them and
explain what is going on. They might try audio books. They usually work
well with their hands either in the arts, or mechanical realm. Also I
personally know of some adults who really couldn't read due to severe
dyslexia until they were in their thirties. They have rich lives and
families and jobs. The beauty of SVS is that no one is labeling them
special needs or trotting them off in a little room because they are somehow
lacking in attributes necessary for success.

Just my 50 cents,
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