[Discuss-sudbury-model] Lack of interest?

From: Sally Rosloff <sallyr_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Sun Mar 14 16:33:00 2004

Another question/thought.

What about when kids appear to have lost interest when in fact they have
stopped because of a fear or being discouraged or something like that and
exploring that could help them to continue and by doing so gain
confidence. For example, what if a group of kids is working on putting on
a play and as the performance nears some kids stop coming and others start
to say they don't want to do it anymore and there are not enough kids to
continue. Could it actually be a fear (such as my performance will be
lousy or not enough people will come or they won't like the play, etc.) and
getting some help with it, continuing, and experiencing a successful event
(however that is defined for each person) will help them in a way that just
stopping wouldn't---in other words, it's not actually lack of interest but
something else that appears that way.

I also have the same question about a true learning disability. I agree
that most so-called disabilities are probably artifacts of the situation,
but there are actual learning disabilities in some cases. Say there was
one for reading. If a child attempts reading many times and stops from an
apparent lack of interest but there is actually a processing difficulty so
that by 13 reading isn't really happening would someone pay attention to
that and intervene to assess that in some way?

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