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Date: Sun Mar 14 10:38:01 2004

Hi Sally,

Thanks, You write:

> My son, just turned 18, has taught me, by being the person
> he is, about the Sudbury model, without knowing it as that. We took him
> out of school in the 8th grade and finally let him "live life" and I am
> awed at who he is at only 18.

When out son was about 1, we started looking at lots and lots of preschools
and in between all of them we would notice how just regular ordinary people
would interact with him. Many, most, would comment or interact from some "role".
Their interactions would be to say "well he sure is cute" or they would pat
him on the head. But, then, there were a very few who would interact with him as
a person to a person. These interractions were simply qualitatively
different. Both he and the other person would become very engaged and often animated.
Put in relief against the much more usual and prevailing interaction of seeing
a child and not a person, the much rarer instances of person to person
interactions stood out as stunning. During this time, while making the tons of school
visits, the question did dawn on us: "might there be a place that knew about
and allowed and accepted interactions between people?"

Warm Regards,
Bill Richardson
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