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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 18:50:01 2004

To get a clear picture of the kinds of work, and the
processes involved, I suggest that you take a look at
"starting a Sudbury School" which talks about the

If you have already decided for certain that you wish to
start a school, you should be aware that the SVS press
offers a 'school planning kit' through which you can get a
complete library of books at a very deep discount, as well
as various legal forms that have been useful for SVS in
Massachusetts, that your lawyers could use as a template for
your own forms and thereby reduce your startup costs.

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Caren Knox-Hundley wrote:

> Mimi, thanks for your post. I, too, am unwilling to put my children into
> "school" - so, until we get a democratic school going here (Charlotte, NC) I
> am unschooling them at home. If that's an option for you, there's lots of
> information out there. You can put "unschooling" into a search engine, and
> many sites will come up. There are lots of resources at
> Too, I am a separated parent, and am having to make some sacrifices to stay
> home with my guys, but I believe we can create the life we want.
> Speaking of which, I am beginning the beginning stages of starting a Sudbury
> Valley School here - I've put out e-mails to the home/unschooling lists I'm
> on, and there is some interest from other parents. I know there are many
> resources on the sudval website, but if anyone has any tips, experience,
> advice, etc. on getting this thing going, I'd LOVE to hear from you.
> Lurking no longer,
> Caren

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