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From: Karen Dickson <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 13:21:00 2004

I hope you find the right school for your son. I never wanted the spirit
pounded out of my kids so we moved to Oregon to attend Blue Mountain
School. I have a five year old and seven year old enrolled who urge me
out the door every morning. They love their school and are flourishing
there. They can barely make it through a long weekend and are always
glad when it's a school day. Check out the web
Good luck,
Karen Dickson
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I just joined this list, mostly in desperation to find alternative
"schooling" for my son. I live in Louisiana, and it's killing me to
watch the school system pound the spirits out of our children, and turn
them into little marching see their lights grow dimmer
with each year. I'm ready to move. I'm going through a divorce so that
may be tricky. But I'd love to hear any input about alternative
schooling. Please - talk to me. My son makes A's and is very smart,
but he "hates school," and I'm not willing to just brush that off.
There is something wrong when so many children "hate school." We need
to start listening to our kids...
Thank you,
Mimi Gauthier LeBien
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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Y'all come
Hi to the whole list,

You are cordially invited to come to A Full Table (a Sudbury school)
(see: in Sahuarita, ARIZONA. It is about 20 minutes
south of Tucson. We are in an intense orgainizing phase attempting to
open, so here's the deal. We have a lot of interest from folks, when the
place gets above 5. I am now extremely interested in talking with those
folks who will make this thing get to 5. So if you come, with your
children, there is no charge. Ever. As long as you are ready to do a
Sudbury school. And as long as you get here before we get 5.

My Very Best Regards,
Bill Richardson
520 794 0620
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