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From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 09:53:00 2004

Caren Knox-Hundley wrote:

> Speaking of which, I am beginning the beginning stages of starting a
> Sudbury Valley School here - I've put out e-mails to the
> home/unschooling lists I'm on, and there is some interest from other
> parents. I know there are many resources on the sudval website, but
> if anyone has any tips, experience, advice, etc. on getting this thing
> going, I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Hi Caren,

Knowing what steps to take to start a Sudbury school is fairly easy.
Taking those steps is a bit harder. Here is a brief summary of the
things I suggest you do:

    * Get the startup kit from Sudbury Valley and read everything.
    * Get on the demstartup email list (I believe this is only possible
      after you buy the startup kit) and read the archives. Use the
      list whenever you have questions or problems, it is a great resource.
    * Get a group (I suggest at least 5) committed adults to help you.
      It takes a lot of effort to get a school going. You will probably
      lose some number of the originals as they discover the Sudbury
      philosophy and realize that you are really, really serious about
      no Staff Initiated Courses.
    * Find out the state laws governing non-public schools and figure
      out what you have to do to deal with them. For example some
      schools have started a "religion" and become "religious schools"
      to get around the most onerous provisions of their state's laws.
      Our state laws (New York), makes it impossible to grant a document
      that calls itself a High School Diploma unless we force our
      students to take the state's standardized tests, so we have chosen
      to give a "Certificate of Graduation".
    * Find a location for the school and make sure it meets the local
      and state building codes for private schools.
    * Find people who are willing to staff the school. Most of them
      will have to be willing to take little or no money for a long time.
    * Find at least 20 students (this number is really my opinion, some
      schools start smaller).
    * Plan on spending a large part of the next year or two doing this....

A Founder of Hudson Valley Sudbury School
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