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From: Caren Knox-Hundley <carenkh_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Mar 4 09:09:01 2004

Mimi, thanks for your post. I, too, am unwilling to put my children into
"school" - so, until we get a democratic school going here (Charlotte, NC) I
am unschooling them at home. If that's an option for you, there's lots of
information out there. You can put "unschooling" into a search engine, and
many sites will come up. There are lots of resources at unschooling.com.

Too, I am a separated parent, and am having to make some sacrifices to stay
home with my guys, but I believe we can create the life we want.

Speaking of which, I am beginning the beginning stages of starting a Sudbury
Valley School here - I've put out e-mails to the home/unschooling lists I'm
on, and there is some interest from other parents. I know there are many
resources on the sudval website, but if anyone has any tips, experience,
advice, etc. on getting this thing going, I'd LOVE to hear from you.

Lurking no longer,

Caren Knox-Hundley
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on 3/4/2004 1:01 AM, Mimi Gauthier LeBien at iamiriam_at_charter.net wrote:
I just joined this list, mostly in desperation to find alternative
"schooling" for my son.  I live in Louisiana, and it's killing me to watch
the school system pound the spirits out of our children, and turn them into
little marching soldiers...to see their lights grow dimmer with each year.
I'm ready to move.  I'm going through a divorce so that may be tricky.  But
I'd love to hear any input about alternative schooling.  Please - talk to
me.  My son makes A's and is very smart, but he "hates school," and I'm not
willing to just brush that off.  There is something wrong when so many
children "hate school."  We need to start listening to our kids...
Thank you,
Mimi Gauthier LeBien
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